About Us

About Us

Bold Brand is a company which gathers experts in the area of branding so that it can enable its clients to respond to significant challenges set by the leading brands around the world. Our goal is to provide our clients with a competitive advantage on the market using all the marketing mix elements regardless of the market conditions.


Bold Brand's vision is that each individual who takes part in a free market becomes a brand.


Bold Brand's mission is to secure its clients with competitive advantage.

The Way We Do Business

In business, Bold Brand uses up-to-date management methods which enable us to communicate successfully. Furthermore, we can reorganise easily and according to the project's needs. Therefore, we approach our clients meticulously and also engage qualified experts for the planned projects.

Bold Brand does not delegate the segments of branding to other agencies. Instead, Bold Brand organises the team necessary for the project's needs. Therefore, all the issues regarding graphic and industrial design, web design and IT for branding purposes are successfully solved. For other areas of expertise, such as printing services, web hosting and similar Bold Brand works in close partnership with other companies.

Bold Brand is flexible and has minimal administrative expenses. Therefore, Bold Brand differs considerably from its competitors and is able to offer its clients lower prices for various services.